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Vinhomes Riverside is a high-end urban area project which is modelled in Venice City (Italy), a beautiful, romantic and luxurious city. This is a smart connection between high-end riverside villas which are designed in romantic neoclassical style and luxurious, mixed-used functional complex including: exclusive offices, shopping mall, huge creation area, various restaurant, high school and kindergarten and 600,000sqm coverage.

Villas Vinhomes Riverside


Located in the super prime location - in the northeast of Hanoi (Phuc Loi, Phuc Dong, Vietnam Hung Long Bien District in Hanoi), about 6km from Sword Lake, near Chuong Duong Bridge 5km, far from Vinh Tuy Bridge aboot 5 km. It has flexible connectivity with major ensembles of the capital by convenient transport system, overhead highway linking modern projects Vinhomes.

Villas Vinhomes Riverside


Villas for rent in Vinhomes Riverside are designed in neoclassical architectural style combining both classical and modern elegance which bring unique and exquisite looking for all villas. When designing interior of Vinhomes Riverside’s villas, the architects also need to be careful to natural factors like sunshine, wind and fengshui principles in order to create the most peaceful and safe spaces which can avoid hot temperature in daytime and easily catch natural wind into the villas. The customers will absolutely satisfy with every owned villas not only for charming looking, but superior interior in Vinhomes Riverside villas.

Villas Vinhomes Riverside

- Villa system: Queen's Crape-myrtle (Bang Lang) Villas; Flamboyant (Hoa Phuong) Villas; Milk-white Flower (Hoa Sua) Villas; Orchid (Hoa Lan) Villas and Sakura (Anh Dao) Villas.

- Types of villas: Detached and semi-detached villas, from 3 bedrooms

- Area of villas: from 111m2 – 2000m2

- Villa status: completed with basic furniture. Customers can feel free to choose villas with furnished or unfurnished status

Each Vinhomes Riverside villa is designed with romantic neoclassical architecture style in international standards to bring unique and luxurious spaces for residents. Details of 5 main villa zones are:

- Hoa Phuong villas: 226 villas with 6 areas from HP1 to HP6, sizes from 200m2 – 600m2

- Hoa Lan villas: 219 villas with 9 areas from HL1 to HL9, sizes from 190m2 – 526m2.

- Bang Lang villas: 90 villas with 12 areas from BL1 to BL12, sizes from 250m2 – 900m2

- Anh Dao Villa: 366 villas with 8 areas, sizes from 145m2 – 300m2

- Hoa Sua villas: over 300 villas with 11 areas from HS1 to HS11, sizes from 200m2 – 350m2

Villas Vinhomes Riverside


- Top-quality schools including Vinschool kindergarten, BVIS international school system.

- Vinmec International Clinic.

- Modern sports facilities, including tennis, basketball and badminton court, and all-season heated swimming pools.

- Green & clean open playgrounds for kids.

- Professional housekeeping services: cleaning, laundry, maintenance...

- Home-dining & catering services.

- 24/24 Service Center.

- Advanced security system, 24/24 security service with a regular patrol, fingerprint access to apartments with video door bell.

- Club-house & Private lounges with 5-star hotel standard.

- Multilingual cable TV.

- Pure, wholesome environment within a friendly and active community.


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