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Layouts of floor T1, T4 building

T1 building in Vinhomes Times City is designed 27 storeys with 18 apartments per floor.

The building is arranged 6 elevators and 2 stairs with high speed to serve for all residents travel in here.

The apartment is designed  on premises of T1 City Times, the apartments have natural light and very airy, beautiful view range.

-         West: view the lake

-         East : view the Red River

-         North: view Minh Khai street

-         South: view T2 building

Bố trí tòa T1 Vinhomes Times City

Detailed ground T1 apartment building

chi tiết mặt bằng căn hộ T1 Times City

căn hộ 90.1 m2 tòa T1 Vinhomes City

 110,3m2 sqm apartment in T1 Times City

không gian căn hộ 110.3m2 Times City

75.2sqm apartment T1 building Vinhomes Times City

Căn hộ 75.2m2 Times City

Layout of 94.4 sqm apartment in Vinhomes Times City

căn hộ 2 ngủ T1 Times City

The same as T1 building, T4 Times City include variously area from 75 sqm to 110 sqm.

T4 building Vinhomes Times City is located between T3 building and kindergarten and  in the central of  Times City. Besides,  it has also a nice view.

khu căn hộ T4 Times City


Floor layout of T4 building - Vinhomes Times City

mặt bằng tầng điển hình tòa T4 Vinhomes Times City

The whole project in Vinhomes Times City

tổng thể dự án Vinhomes Times City



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