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Park Hill Times City is a luxury apartment project under Phase 2 in Vinhomes Times City Urban Area including 8 apartment buildings from Park 1 to Park 8. Inspired by eco-friendly architecture style of the Island Country – Singapore, the project brings “ultimate resort-like lifestyle at city center” for all residents. Vinhomes Times City - Park Hill actually is a green space modernly equipped with outdoor and indoor pools, central plaza and water feature, and spaces for public utilities surrounded by lush greeneries. With high-end apartments – shop houses – supermarkets and commercial centers, this is a place where residents can enjoy the most convenient and perfect life.

At the moment, Park 2, Park3, Park 5 and Park 6 are opened for sale. Please contact us for more information. Mr. Liem (0979776776)

Vinhomes Times City Park Hill

Perspective of Vinhomes Times City Park Hill


- Land area: 74,204m2

- Construction area: 16,411.9m2

- Area for scenery: over 70%

- Product development: high-end apartments (Park 1 to Park 8) – shophouses – supermarkets and commercial centers

The cutting-edge factor in Park Hill’s design is the effort to maximize nature into living space. With over 70% of the area for the scenery, the entire Park Hill ensemble will be covered by a diverse flora highlighted with overlook lawn where residents feel free to watch spectacular landscape. From the center of the lawn, the green of the trees will be forwarded to the blue of the large outdoor pool in the East and airy space of the large-scale fountain in Hanoi.

Interspersed between the surrounded flora and green highlight is the four season garden bringing tranquil place to balance with dynamic rhythm of modern life. The entire project is surrounded by lush greeneries creating a distinctive ensemble in Resort style.

Layout of Times City Park Hill


Vinhomes Times City Hanoi possesses the most prime location in the region which is in the main southeast gateway of Hanoi. It is convenient to transport to the center through modern highway system, 4km from Hoan Kiem lake, 2.5km from Bach Mai hospital, 1km from Vinh Tuy bridge.

Location of Times City Park Hill

Location of Vinhomes Times City Park Hill


Park Hill Times City includes 8 apartment buildings from Park 1 to Park 8 surrounded by fantastic facilities and services and green spaces.

All apartments in Park Hill Times City are intelligently designed to bring natural light and wind into every room and save energy. In addition, the traditional load-bearing columns in all apartments were completely replaced by load-bearing walls in order to maximize usable area. Besides, residents can experience a comfortable and safety lifestyle with modern and superior interior.

Living room in Times City Park Hill Apartment

Living room in Times City Park Hill Apartment

Dining area in Times City Park Hill Apartment

Dining area in Times City Park Hill Apartment

Bedroom in Times City Park Hill Apartment

Bedroom in Times City Park Hill Apartment

1. Vinhomes Times City Park 1

Park 1 is constructed in Vinhomes Times City Park Hill ensemble based on an idea of bringing nature to the heart of the city with outstanding value along with synchronic amenities and high-ranking apartments. In general, Park 1 Times City promises to bring residents a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Constructed under area of 74.204m2, Apartment building Park 1 is located first location in Park Hill complex project. The building has 28 floors equipped with modern facilities to create an ideal living space for residents.

2. Vinhomes Times City Park 2

Park 2 is located on one of the most advantageous area in Vinhomes Times City Park Hill, on the east of the welcoming gate at, opposite to Park 1, view to Park 3 on the South with 3-sided open space. The apartment building was constructed on 8 March 2014 and has been officially opened for sale since 6 June 2015 with outstanding features in the design, location and amenities which will attract customers for buying these stunning apartments.

Park 2 is designed with 34 floors, arranging only 17 apartments/floor in modern ecological architecture style which is applied in many developed countries in the world: full of natural light, ventilation, beautiful view with swimming pool, musical fountain and central plaza underneath. With this outstanding design, it will definitely give residents a modern and peaceful space.

In Vinhomes Times City Park 2, the apartments contain various areas ranging from 66.2m2 to 136m2, with 2 to 4 bedrooms, in order to meet any requirement of customers in terms of prices and locations.

- 2 bedroom apartments: 73.3m2 – 86m2 (9 units / floor)

- 3 bedroom apartments: 106.3m2 – 128.2m2 (5 units / floor)

- 4 bedroom apartments: 136.1m2 (3 units / floor)

3. Vinhomes Times City Park 3

Park 3 is one of the last constructed buildings in Vinhomes Times City Park Hill and is the building with perfect designs from layout to apartments themselves. It promises to bring resort-like living space for resident right in Hanoi capital.

Times City Park 3 is built with 34 floors, with lots of greeneries, outdoor and indoor pools, gym, ecological garden, modern fountain and plaza ... to bring modern and high-end living space in harmony with nature.

Park 3 is designed with 18 apartments / floor consisting of 1-4 bedrooms in different areas from 53.3m2 – 151.4m2

- 1 bedroom apartments: 53.3m2; 56.3m2; 56.6m2

- 2 bedroom apartments: 67.5m2; 69.8m2; 72.2m2; 73m2; 74.9m2

- 3 bedroom apartments: 105.3m2; 105.7m2; 128m2

- 4 bedroom apartments: 151.4m2

4. Vinhomes Times City Park 5

Under 74.204m2 construction planning of Vinhomes Times City Park Hill, Park 5 is positioned on the left hand side of the urban area, opposite to Park 6, view to Park 4 on the South with superb utilities inheriting from Vinhomes Times City Park Hill

Park 5 building has 35 floors with 21 apartments/floor, 1-3 bedrooms in areas from 47.9m2 – 118.2m2.

- 1 bedroom apartments: 47.9m2; 51.9m2

- 2 bedroom apartments: 63.4m2 – 84.4m2

- 3 bedroom apartments: 87.9m2 – 118.2m2

5. Vinhomes Times City Park 6

Park 6 is located on the last spot of Vinhomes Times City Park Hill, opposite to Park 5, view to Park 7 on the South. Along with the success in design of Park 3, Vinhomes Times City Park 6 is the next high-class project with many breakthrough points to bring a resort-like living space for its residents. 

Park 6 consists of 35 floors, 16 apartments/floor, designing 2-3 bedrooms with areas from 78.2m2 – 143m2.

- 2 bedroom apartments: 78.2 m2; 78.74 m2; 81.19 m2; 82.74 m2

- 3 bedroom apartments: 99.76 m2; 115 m2; 120.34 m2

- 4 bedroom apartments: 143m2

6. Vinhomes Times City Park 7

Park 7 is one of four buildings which is located in the center of Vinhomes Times City Park Hill project with advantageous location, opposite to Park 4, the most beautiful view to central plaza, “Big Ben” sculpture, artificial island… It promises to create modern and luxurious living environments for all residents.

Vinhomes Times City Park 7 has 35 floors, with 2-4 bedrooms. In addition to normal apartments, Park 7 also contains atrium shophouse apartments with spacious areas that can be used for both living and business purposes on first floor. Shophouse apartment is a breakthrough idea bringing attractive and creative point for Times City Park Hill.

7. Vinhomes Times City Park 8

Park 8 (old T17 Times City) is situated in one of the most ideal area in Vinhomes Times City Park Hill ensemble, opposite to Park 3. It is constructed with modern ecological architecture style to create fresh and modern living space in harmony with nature.

Times City Park 8 is designed with 28 floors, 20 apartments/floor providing 1-4 bedrooms in diversified areas from 61.6m2 – 145m2.


Inheriting all superb utilities of Phase 1 in Vinhomes Times City like international hospital and schools, shopping mall, gym, spa, tennis court, green park ... Park Hill still has more 25 modern facilities to bring the finest resort-like lifestyle for residents in the heart of the urban area such as outdoor and indoor pools, splash park, trellis park, central plaza, promenade road, lawns, children playground…

Utilities in Times City Park Hill

Utilities in Times City Park Hill


When buying apartments in Vinhomes Times City Park Hill, customers will get a lot of attractive incentives like Vinmec package, Vinschool package, Vinpearl resort package… and flexible payment policies.

Payment policy of Park 3 Apartment

Payment policy of Park 5 Apartment

Payment policy of Park 6 Apartment

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