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4 Bedroom Apartments Rental

04 bedroom apartments Vinhomes Times City

04 bedroom apartments Times City has total living area: 160 sqm. This is a apartment that has the most special area of Vinhomes Times City project.

The advantages of this apartment: 04 bedrooms, living room is bright and airy. Direction of the apartment:

-         Direction of balcony: South- East, Direction of door: North. Viewing main road, Tennis court,  Children’s playground

-         Direction of balcony North- East, direction of door: South, viewing the lake, Music Fountain, Vinschool, Vinmec International General Hospital.

Customers have different choices: furnished and unfurnished apartments which are suitable for family or foreigner.

Không gian phòng khách 04 ngủ Vinhomes Times City

Some pictures of bedroom space

phòng ngủ T11 Times City

phòng ngủ tòa T11 Vinhomes Times City

Phòng ngủ không gian T11 Times City

Không gian phòng ăn căn hộ 4 ngủ T11 Times City

The bathroom facilities

Phòng tắm tiện nghi T11 Times City


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