Apartmet for rent in Vinhomes Times City Ha Noi

Luxury apartments Vinhomes Times City is designed and arranged harmoniously in the general population in order to maximize the utility and functions of the advanced equipment  system, perfect service systems  and bring your family an ideal living environment.

Vinhomes Times City
Besides the convenience of modern living and general safety equipment, the residents who live in the City can decorate the interior of the family apartment in accordance with your preferences.

In addition to, the utility services in the cluster scale public works, all residents rent apartments in Vinhomes Times City also benefit from a service system with modern amenities, equipped in each building home.

With available interior wall systems, luxurious, contemporary; The residents live at each apartment in Vinhomes Times City who can experience a comfortable life and safety. Each apartment at City Times Vinhomes also used the central hot water system of the building, equipped with the bell system at the door, ...

Each building has automatic barrier system up to the basement; lobby and corridors are equipped with standard air conditioning  and ventilation of  the high buildings in the world. Besides, the apartments at Vinhomes Times City is also equipped with multi-language cable TV, 100% standby generator, high-speed Internet connection and smooth communication systems.

Vinhomes Times City has 11 buildings that was completed and in use. The apartments for rent with diverse area and type with furniture or without furniture.

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