Apartments for Sale in Vinhomes Times City

Apartments in Times city was designed as a small city with a density of "green" that covers 100.000 sqm with lake and trees. The project is full of  basic utilities such as schools (preschool, secondary systems, secondary);  parks, supermarkets to senior living demand such as ice- skating , high quality commercial center Vincom mail, Vinmec International General Hospital. 


Times City apartments  expected to include 23-24 apartment buildings that are numbered differently from T1 - T12 and T15 from - T25. Each building has a height of 27-35 floors. In particular, the buildings in South are higher than the buildings in North. The buildings in the West are the same in South.

The type of area options : 52.5m2, 53.2m2, 53.4m2, 73.5m2, 75.2m2, 82.1m2, 82.8m2, 86.9m2, 87.2m2, 90.1m1, 92.4m2, 94.3m3, 94.4m2, 95m2, 97.5m2 , 99.5m2, 103.1m2, 107.3m2, 108.6m2, 108.7m2, 109.2m2, 110.3m2, 114.4m2, 116.7m2.

The apartments from T1 to T10 and T18 have been completed, currently the handover to customers and the residents have already moved to live.

Typical apartments:

căn hộ 80.4m2 Times City Căn hộ 90.1m2 Times City

căn hộ 106.1m2 Vinhomes Times City Căn hộ 115.6m2 Times City

Special privileges reserved for residents

- Free for apartment management service for the duration of 10 years

- Fee for hot water:  30.000VND/m3 in 10 years

- Award 10 tickets for the all entertainment categories at Vincom Mega Mall Times City and Vincom Mega Mall Royal City in 3 years

- Award 01 VIP Vinmec Family  package for 04 people (02 adults, 02 children)

- Award 01 scholarships for Primary, secondary school in Vinschool Times City: Free 100% (including meals and tuition)

With its own advantages and ideal location. The apartment  Times city is favorite destination of almost  customers. Please contact our company directly for further advice and we will give you the lowest price apartment market.

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