Amenities and activities in Times City

Be invested carefully, Times City is one of the areas in Hanoi has complete utility system before the apartments being in operation. Within 36ha site, Times City is full of facilities and amenities from schools, international hospitals, swimming pools, children's playgrounds, supermarkets.

  The ultra-modern facilities and classy condominium in Times City

+ Designed public parks with blooming green trees and lakes

+ Green campus - the lake has an area of over 100,000m2 be designed in harmony in the overall project should create special highlights, giving residents in apartment Time City green, fresh and airy space.

In addition, the project also has Tai Chi garden complexes located high above on the roof of the buildings making an idealistic urban area with modern amenities - a city of green - clean - smart and humane environment

+ The apartments have Tai Chi gardens set atop the roofs of the buildings

These residence has special meanings: the harmony of  Fengshui,  ecological space, maximum usability and performance of services, management systems are of high quality, ... -

The area of the apartment: from 75m2 - 145m2

- Have permanent ownership.

- Apartments in condominium are designed with modern and friendly style: The design ensures high aesthetics and comfort with maximum safety. Operating system works closely with the environment, besides saving energy and minimizing pollution.

Furniture and amenities:
- Modern and high-end  building materials

- Luxurious and sophisticated interior system

- Electronic doorbell locking system with camera.

- Fire Fighting and Prevention system

- The apartments meet the high standards of National Fire Prevention Association of the United States.

Modern technical systems:
 - Communications systems always smooth

- The system of automatic sprinklers

- Cable TV

- High speed Internet connection

- Generators working  100%

- Air conditioning and ventilation system for apartments

- Elevator with safety requirements, and standard speed

- Spacious and modern car park.

Quality management system:

- Vincom Joint Stock Company will directly manage and operate the condominium

 - Security 24/7 with professional and dedicated team

- System of sanitation services, tree care, and apartment maintenance is carried out periodically, regularly.

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