8 Reasons Why We Should Live in Times City, Ha noi

With an area of ​​360.500 m2, Times City is based on the idea of ​​a modern urban-style eco-friendly architecture. Located in mainsoutheast gateway of Hanoi, Times City project is the most prime location in one of the projects has been operated in the region.

With an area of ​​360.500 m2, Times City is based on the idea of ​​a modern urban-style eco-friendly architecture of the island of Singapore. Like its name, the apartment in Times City is one of the most prestigious urban area in Vietnam today with a modern living space, clean integrated with themost perfect utility services. If these reasons are not enough to convince you, then the following reasons make sure you and your family will rethink the city's Times chose her living space. 

1. The favorable location, modern and synchronized transportation

 Located in main gateway southeast of Hanoi, 4km to the south far away from HoanKiem Lake, very near VinhTuy bridge and connected with the western gateway to the city center (Crossroad) by system Overhead highway Modern, Times City (No. 458 Ming Khai Hai Ba Trung - Hanoi) is a project of the most prime locations of the projects have been and will be deployed in the region.

Apartments in Times City are supplied with a series of utilities, modern like a breath of fresh air, enhance the potential of land south of the capital and create a new face for the land thousands of years of spiritual masterpiece.

2. Space modern, cool

Times City projects with a broader scale of 300 thousand m2 of modern architectural style from the island nation of Singapore lion. Designed with open space, harmony with nature with many trees and large lakes should not cause suffocating, dry as many other apartments. At night, Times City is like a small city filled with light colors.

 3. Giving unique combination value

In particular, unlike most apartments in Hanoi focusing to architecture, the apartments in Times City bring a total harmony beauty, from these categories: Apartments includes 23 buildings with luxury and modern interiors. Commercial center with a total area of ​​230.00m2. Zone entertainment giant, multi-zone rich culinary. The largest water in Hanoi, an indoor skating rink nicely. Hospital,five star-international hotel.. International standards preschools, green park chain and large lakes on 100.000m2. All the wonderful things above are all integrated into advanced Times Cityurban, bringing a comfortable life, perfect which no other places can bring you and your family. In addition, the building is surrounded by gardens, playground sports such as football, badminton…

4. Investorreputation

Investors construct and manage Times City Corporation Urban Development Hanoi Vietnam-a joint-stock company charter capital of 2,000 billion with 53% capital contribution belonging toVingroup-CPcompany. These are all reputable corporations in Vietnam stock market. In particular, the strength and prestige of the brand Vingroupis a "guarantee", significantly affecting the psychology of the buyer. The investor keeps its commitment to the project schedule and quality of products, which has gained confidence and attracted the attention of customers to Times City. With the increasingly active and professional real estate market of Vietnam, the word "prestige" has become one of the decisive factors and that is what has built successful Vingroup.

5. High quality housing

All Times City apartments are uniquely designed and impressive style of modern architecture combined with Western harmonic layout, exquisite, meticulously arranged by the system equipment, interior, comfortable with the concept of Asian geomancy, creating the perfect living space, ideal, absolutely assured of quality. As reliable products support multiple bank loan preferential rate such as Techcombank package preferential rate of 0% the first year.

  6. Utility excellent service

New city area not only brings comfort and luxury but alsoextremely cheap utilities and services. At Times city, parking services for motorcycles monthly 45000 / month, 1.25 million / month with car, free management fee (10 years).

7. Human values

Buying apartment with a parallel community environment, educational level, income, lifestyle ... is the new trend of young people. Vingroup has assumed the role of connectivity, community organizations, cultural activities and sports organize the club activities and build relationships ... neighboring residents. With much effort both physically and intellectually, Vingroup are accompanying clients to create a modern living space but still keep the traditional culture of Vietnameseethnic. And this is also a very important point to create identity and attractiveness of Times City.

 8. Times City is gradually turning into a cultural center of Hanoi community.

At the Hanoi holidays people are accustomed to the old traditional centers such as HoanKiem Lake, West Lake ...., but that has changed dramatically since the apartment Times city appeared. With pools, business center, aquarium, carp lanterns and country musicrecognized by Guinness World Records, Times City has been a city of not only young people but for all classes of people to the capital.

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